2017 PTM Speakers and Workshops

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Fil Anderson

Keynote Speaker

Fil Anderson, this year’s plenary speaker, is executive director of Journey Resources, based in Greensboro, North Carolina. He’s a frequent conference speaker, spiritual director, and directs retreats and workshops nationally and internationally. A member of the pastoral staff of St. Mark’s Church, Fil is also on the Board of Trustees at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.
See his full bio here.

A Short Message from Fil


Pre-Conference Sessions

Join us one day before the main PTM Conference begins, for one of these two great Pre-Conference options! Since they happen simultaneously, you’ll have to choose just one—or bring a friend, and cover both!

RAM Workshop

presented by Neal and Anna Hampton

“RAM” stands for Risk Assessment & Management. In this workshop participants will explore interactively the dynamics of living in the context of danger while pursuing one's cross-cultural calling. Issues like theology of risk, stewardship, assessment, mitigation, endurance, and leadership will be discussed.

Facing Danger

Neal and Anna Hampton—Pastoral Caregivers, Barnabas International

Neal & Anna Hampton’s trainings are interwoven with personal experiences from living and working for 15 years in war-torn Afghanistan and the Middle East. Neal has served as a mentor, teacher, team leader, and country director for faith-based humanitarian NGOs. Anna holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Bethel University and a Doctor of Religious Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. She is the author of Facing Danger: A Guide Through Risk, and also a conference speaker at international women’s events in Central Asia, the Middle East, and in the US. Currently they provide pastoral care while serving with Barnabas International.


Experiencing and Designing Soul Care Retreats for Global Workers

presented by Nancy Todd Ph.D.

The word “retreat” will likely conjure up a variety of meanings and forms from your own background; however, the Soul Care Retreat may be a new experience for you. It involves opening up time and space to be with God and hear His still, small voice. In the words of Jean Vennard, “A retreat is about listening and waiting, receiving, and being.” As we are open to His presence, He tends to the deep needs of our soul.

On the first day, through the use of silence, Scripture, art, and music, you will participate in a Soul Care Retreat on the theme of “Letting Go”. On the second day, you will learn how to design a Soul Care Retreat while taking part in a small group experiential retreat planning process. Participants will come away equipped to plan and facilitate Soul Care retreats for the global workers they serve.

Terry and Nancy Todd

Nancy Todd Ph.D.—staff, Barnabas International

Nancy Todd and her husband, Terry, joined the staff of Barnabas International in 2008. Prior to that time, Nancy was an educator in both the U.S. and China. She and her husband worked at the Well Member Care Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand for four years as pastoral counselors, debriefers, spiritual directors, and retreat facilitators. Nancy holds a Ph.D. in education and is a certified spiritual director. One of her passions is encouraging global workers to encounter the Holy Trinity through art, retreats, and contemplative practices.

Wednesday Workshops

On Wednesday, October 4, you will have the option to attend two of these timely and helpful workshops.
(You do not need to indicate ahead of time which workshops you plan to attend.)

Proactive Care for Missionary Marriages

presented by Perry and Sandi Bradford

When a couple responds to God’s call to serve cross-culturally they become a great threat to Satan and his kingdom. Leaving the security of home, adapting to a different culture, and finding a place within a new community presents an unbelievable amount of stress on a marriage. Together we will explore ways to proactively shepherd missionary marriages.

Perry and Sandi Bradford

Perry and Sandi Bradford—Executive Director, Barnabas International

Perry and Sandi began their missionary journey in 1980 with Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 1994 they returned to the United States after 10 years of service in Papua New Guinea to join Barnabas International. Perry currently serves as the Executive Director of Barnabas. For 17 years Sandi served as the Director of Women’s ministries for Calvary Community Church in Williams Bay, WI. Together, Perry and Sandi have a heart to shepherd missionaries and national church leaders around the globe. They are the proud parents of 3 adult children, 4 grandchildren and one on the way!


Is Self-Care in the Bible?

presented by Jen Friesen

Is self-care in the Bible? Is self-care selfish? This will be a hands-on interactive workshop where we will look at various examples of self-care in the Bible, especially focusing on Jesus’ rhythm of life and ministry in the book of Mark. We will discuss together what self-care looks like in this itinerate world of member care.

Jen Friesen

Jen Friesen—Member Care Specialist, Barnabas International

Jen Friesen has been serving with Barnabas International since April of 2015. She has been married to her husband James for 22 years and they have three children, Kaleigh, 19, Andrew 17, and Gracie, 14. She was raised as a missionary kid in Spain. She graduated from Taylor University. Jen and James served as missionaries with Reach Beyond in Ecuador for 8 years where she discovered a love for journeying intentionally with other women. She lives with her family in Noblesville, Indiana and enjoys building relationships with and encouraging workers around the globe.


Trinitarian Theology & Mission

presented by Ron Frost

Trinitarian Theology sets up relational ministry. The early Church Fathers understood God’s Triune communion to be the basis for creation and redemption: God’s mission. This focus elevated delight over duty. In member care ministry today global workers are invited to receive and enjoy God’s inherent mutual love. This, in turn, sets up a biblically sound and affective motivation for ministry.

Ron Frost

Ron Frost—Pastoral Care Consultant, Barnabas International

Ron Frost has been with Barnabas International as a pastoral care consultant since 2007. He taught at Multnomah Bible College and Seminary for twenty years before joining Barnabas. Along with his ministries at Multnomah and Barnabas, Ron has served in local churches as a teacher and mentor. He earned his PhD at King’s College London, a center for Trinitarian studies.


Understanding MKs to Love Them Better

presented by Michèle Phoenix

Missionaries’ Kids who have spent a significant portion of their lives in cross-cultural ministry often struggle with identity, their perception of God and their transition to a passport culture. By exploring “The Five Cs That Define MKs,” we’ll not only bring clarity to the factors that influence MKs’ development, but will offer interactive discussions on how best to mentor/support them.

Michèle Phoenix

Michèle Phoenix—MK Advocate, Global Outreach Mission

Raised in France by a Canadian father and an American mother, Michèle is a mentor, writer and speaker with a heart for MKs. A Missionaries’ Kid herself, she taught for twenty years at Black Forest Academy (Germany) before launching her own ministry advocating for MKs. She now travels globally to consult and teach on topics related to this unique people group. She loves good conversations, mischievous students and Marvel movies.


Proactive & Reactive Missionary Care

presented by Dottie Schulz

The purpose of this workshop is: 1) to consider ways to improve resiliency training during the preparation process so that missionaries are better able to proactively disarm and overcome the challenges that come against them, and 2) consider ways to prepare churches and practitioners to engage missionaries in an ongoing basis so that missionaries remain healthy on the field.

Dottie Schulz

Dottie Schulz—Co-Director for Missionary Care, Missions Resource Network

Dottie’s family lived in the Netherlands for 15 years and worked with Gemeenten van Christus, after which they moved to Nebraska. Dottie and her husband worked at York College in York, NE and later Friends University in Wichita, KS. Dottie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counselor. Her dissertation topic was Missionary Family Reentry and her husband’s topic was Missionary Kid Re-Entry. Dottie attended the first International Conference on MKs in Manilla, Philippines, and she developed the Missionary Care program for Missions Resource Network where she is now the Co-Director. Dottie is the mother of four, grandmother of three and a soon-to-be great grandmother.


Helping Them Stick: Core Elements to Address with New Workers for Retention

presented by Scott Shaum

Every context has its “make or break” time frame for workers. Research shows that in Japan it is 7 years. Middle East locations are 3-5 years. Facilitating workers to move through this liminal time can propel them toward long-term, effective service. Our takeaway will be identified core topics to address with newer workers to foster long-term resiliency, vitality, and effectiveness.

Scott Shaum

Scott Shaum—Director of Staff Development, Barnabas International

Scott and Beth Shaum have served as church planters in Hong Kong amongst the Cantonese-speaking, blue-collar workers of that city, and Scott also worked as pastoral staff in Detroit, MI. For the past 13 years they have been with Barnabas International. Currently Scott is serving as Director of Staff Development as well as providing pastoral care, training, debriefing, spiritual direction, and coaching to workers globally. Scott and Beth have been married for 33 years and have three adult sons and (finally!) one daughter-in-law.


The Scandal of Forgiveness

presented by Silas West

We live in a culture that is stripped of grace. The Audacious act of forgiveness restores Grace when it seems impossible. This workshop will help attendees understand what forgiveness is and what it is not.

Silas West

Silas West—Director of Counseling and Assistant Director of Pastoral Care, Antioch Ministries International

An MK from Kenya Africa and a veteran missionary to Nepal, Silas West is a licensed mental health counselor and a pastor with over ten years of member care experience. He is now the director of counseling and the assistant director of pastoral care of AMI.


Thursday Intensives

Choose from one of these four sessions on Thursday, October 5. These workshops will be twice as long as usual, in order to dig deeply into these significant topics.
(It is not necessary to indicate ahead of time which intensive you plan to attend.)

Thinkers at Work: What’s Good and Troubling about Member Care?

presented by Laura Mae “Larrie” Gardner

“Drift” is a dangerous word. In this workshop about trends in Member Care we’ll brainstorm this phenomenon and plan some responses and corrective strategies. We’ll also explore new directions in Member Care. Our goal is to add to your tool box new ideas, new commitments, and new resources. You will hear from multiple wise veterans in the care realm.


Laura Mae “Larrie” Gardner—International Personnel Consultant and Trainer, Wycliffe & SIL

Dick and Laura Mae Gardner have been involved in missions for more than 50 years—doing translation, training, consulting, counseling, administration, leadership roles, member care, and crisis response, as well as developing materials and monitoring trends. Laura Mae's recent book, Healthy, Resilient and Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry, has been translated into Indonesian, Korean, and is being considered for translation into Chinese and Spanish.

Laura Mae is concerned about a drift she sees in Member Care and proposes some corrective strategies.

She and Dick have a great family—2 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 8 grandchildren. They may be found reading, studying, hunting, fishing, or playing games with friends.


Member Care in the Muslim World

presented by Neal and Anna Hampton

This workshop will address effective ways of shepherding cross cultural workers who serve in contexts that are impacted by folk Islam, insecurity, cultural isolation, creative identity in closed environments, and much more.

Neal and Anna Hampton

Neal and Anna Hampton—Pastoral Caregiver, Barnabas International

Neal & Anna Hampton’s trainings are interwoven with personal experiences from living and working for 15 years in war-torn Afghanistan and the Middle East. Neal has served as a mentor, teacher, team leader, and country director for faith-based humanitarian NGOs. Anna holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Bethel University and a Doctor of Religious Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. She is the author of Facing Danger: A Guide Through Risk, and also a conference speaker at international women’s events in Central Asia, the Middle East, and in the US. Currently they provide pastoral care while serving with Barnabas International.


Let’s Talk

presented by Jody Hesler

Let's Talk will be an interactive workshop on debriefing missionaries. We’ll explore guiding missionaries through the process of sharing their experiences and the impact of those experiences. We’ll also discuss providing space for missionaries to share how have they seen God work, and to process what was, for the purpose of moving fully into what God is doing next.

Jody Hesler

Jody Hesler—Counselor, Alongside; Regional Member Care Coordinator, TEAM

Jody Hesler has 19+ years missionary experience, serving in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. After a lot of prayer, Jody felt led to return to the US and pursue a degree in counseling, graduating from Wheaton College in 2014 with an MA in Clinical Psychology. She now serves with Alongside as an adjunct counselor; and with The Evangelical Alliance Mission where she is the Regional Member Care Coordinator for the teams serving in Central Asia and the Middle East. Jody is passionate about helping wounded and weary global workers pursue healing and wholeness.


Dynamics of Same-Sex Attraction,
and Walking With those Struggling with Gender and Sexuality

presented by Shannon Rants

In the first half of this workshop we will learn through truth and grace what can influence same-sex attractions; discover the differences between attractions, orientation, and identity; gain a deeper understanding of our Cycle of Connection relating to self, others, and God; and explore how to reconcile one’s sexuality within a Biblical faith framework.

Part two is for friends and family members of those struggling with gender identity and/or sexuality. It will offer hope and cover practical Christ-centered steps in how to come along side those who are struggling on this tender journey.

Shannon Rants

Shannon Rants—MA, LPC; Licensed Professional Counselor

Shannon Rants is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in helping those struggling with gender identity and sexuality. She counsels through her private practice (shannonrants.com) and is also the Director of Come Arise Ministries (comearise.org) that seeks to offer Christ-centered educational opportunities regarding gender and sexuality. She and her husband of 16 years enjoy living and exploring the pacific northwest while raising their 3 adventurous sons.