Organizational Resources & Training

How can we be of service to your agency?

We are passionate about resourcing agencies and training others to care for their global workers more effectively.

The ministry of Barnabas staff is scheduled in response to requests from organizational personnel (usually several months, and often a year or more, in advance). Please let us know what you have in mind; we would like very much to be able to meet your needs at your location. Here is a sampling of various types of ministry that Barnabas staff can provide.

Retreats and Conferences on Your Field

bi training3A number of conferences/retreats can potentially be arranged for your field workers at their location. This includes (but is not limited to) Bible conferences, leadership conferences, personal and spiritual renewal retreats, singles retreats, marriage retreats, women's retreats, and family & TCK retreats.

Pastoral Residency for Your People

bi nairy hondurasBarnabas staff couples are often able to locate at one center or location for an extended period of time (from a few weeks to a few months). They come to provide pastoral care in whatever ways are the most helpful depending on the situation.

A few times each year these events are held for the whole global ministry community in a particular city/region (often up to 100 people or more). You can check our Events and Conference page for an event near you.

From time to time (often in conjunction with an Inter-Mission Events -- see above) it is possible for several Barnabas couples to be at your location at the same time. In this way they are positioned to work with a number of organizations simultaneously. Each staff member contributes to the overall needs and opportunities according to his or her strengths and experience.

Pastoral Ministry at Your Annual Conference

Barnabas staff members are ready to serve alongside you at your next field conference. They may, for instance, provide devotional messages and make themselves available for any individuals or couples that would like to have a pastoral conversation.

Training in Counseling and Caring

bi counseling expertiseSeveral of our staff members come to Barnabas with extensive experience in professional counseling. They are ready to offer seminars, personal one-on-one counseling, or help with team building or team "issues." This may be done in or outside the United States.

Help with Pre-Field Training or Reentry in North America and Europe

Do you need a little help with your next member care retreat/conference in North America or Europe? Consider asking a Barnabas staff couple to help. They'll be glad to offer their hearts and gifts to work alongside you as you minister to your staff.