A Debriefing Retreat for Global Workers

Please Note: Although we are respectful of the current restrictions on travel and large gatherings, at this time we are still moving forward with plans for in-person Interlude Debriefing Retreats. With the sudden shifts in life and ministry brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we know that debriefing is needed now more than ever. In the case that we must cancel due to heightened restrictions, we will notify participants as soon as possible, and registrants will receive a full refund. Our prayers are with you as you deal with the uncertainties of these unprecedented times.

Participants coming in from overseas are asked to observe a 14 day self-quarantine before attending, and all participants should monitor their health in the two weeks leading up to the retreat.

Upcoming Retreats:

July 4-9, 2021 • Donaldson, IN

Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center
This retreat is for adult singles and couples. Join us for a six-day debriefing retreat designed especially for global servants engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Interlude is a time to reflect, process, and tell your story to experienced, trained debriefers as well as a small group of your peers. 

Sorry, this retreat is full.

When a person tells his story and is truly heard and understood, he undergoes actual changes in his brain circuitry that corresponds to a greater sense of emotional and relational connection, decreased anxiety, and greater awareness of and compassion for others’ suffering.

—Curt Thompson, M.D., Anatomy of the Soul

Join us for a four-day debriefing retreat designed especially for global servants engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Interlude is a time to reflect, process, and tell your story to experienced, trained debriefers as well as a small group of your peers. 

What will you do at this retreat?

  • Reflect on relevant life questions in a safe environment
  • Share and process your story with experienced, trained debriefers
  • Participate in debriefing activities with a small group of peers
  • Integrate past challenges and successes into your life story
  • Begin to look toward the next step of your journey

In the mornings, you will participate in a brief devotion related to topics such as Jesus as the master debriefer, surrender and forgiveness, grief and loss, and change. These will be followed by individual and small group activities designed to facilitate the telling of your story.

In the afternoons there will be opportunity for individuals and couples to tell their story to Barnabas staff members who are trained and experienced in helping you process and integrate your ministry story.


Here’s what recent participants had to say about the Interlude debriefing retreat:

“Interlude was such a restful, restorative week for my husband and me to not only reconnect away from ministry, but to really unpack and process our time on the mission field. Grace broke some new ground in our hearts this week and poured new life into parts that were tired and even dead. The path forward seems so much more hopeful, more clear and more possible! Highly, highly recommend!”

“I came to Interlude dry, weary, fearful of opening my heart, and skeptical that good could come from this retreat. Five days later, I leave renewed and restored, rested, confident in Jesus’ love for me, hopeful and unafraid for whatever He brings into my path as I leave this holy place. Thanks, Barnabas!”

“I didn’t want to come to Interlude, but I am so glad that I did. God used this retreat to do amazing things in me. Thank you Barnabas for putting it on.”

“This week was just what I needed, at just the right time. It was such a blessing to feel so known and understood and cared for. Everything from the beauty of nature surrounding us, to the variety of ways I was able to express my story, were blessings to my soul. I’m so thankful to have had this time before heading back to my place of service.”

Cost and Fees

July 4-9, 2021
Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center
Donaldson, Indiana

Single - Private Room: $1,075
Single - Shared Room: $925
Couple: $1,700

In the event of a cancellation, there is a $100 nonrefundable registration fee per person.
Sorry, this retreat is full.

For more information contact: 
Nancy Todd
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interlude Facilitators

Interlude July 4-9, 2021 • Plymouth, IN


Bess Farrel

My name is Bess Farrell. I like to first identify myself as a Beloved woman of God before I move into the roles I have played and the journey that God has invited me into in life. I am a single woman sharing life, a house, and often ministry with another single woman, Brenda, who was a missionary coworker for over thirty years. I was trained as a nurse and served in that capacity in the jungles of Peru for three years. I served as a church planting missionary in Mexico City, Mexico for 28 years and now have been back in the states for 4 years. I like to say that my missionary career was more about what God wanted to do in me than what I could do for others or what he wanted from me. Currently I am retired and enjoying a very full ministry in leadership roles in our local church. In this season I feel my calling is along the lines of Spiritual Direction or Accompaniment. I enjoy being with people, hearing their stories and listening together to the Holy Spirit as we explore and discover God’s presence and action in their lives.


Scott and Joann Richardson

Scott and Joann joined Barnabas International in 2020 after serving in Lebanon, where they offered pastoral care to Youth for Christ Lebanon and pastored ICC Beirut (International Community Church). In the 1990s, they worked together in campus ministry in Colorado, and co-pastored a church plant in Romania. Their career backgrounds also include experience in the marketplace: Scott as a software engineer, technical product manager, and training manager, and Joann as an occupational therapist with a specialty in early childhood intervention and sensory integration. They also homeschooled their two daughters, who are now married, and Scott and Joann are enjoying a new phase of life as grandparents, making their home in Indianapolis, Indiana. As shepherds with Barnabas, they are delighted to walk as spiritual companions with global workers and national leaders through online calls and on-field visits, retreat facilitation, debriefing, spiritual direction, coaching and training, especially in this challenging season for leaders around the world.


Terry and Nancy Todd

Terry and Nancy met in China in 2002 and after a long friendship were married in 2006. Before joining the staff of Barnabas International in 2008, Terry served with SIL for 22 years as a linguist and expert in Kurdish dialects, and Nancy served as an EFL educator in China for many years.

After joining Barnabas, they lived in Thailand for four years and served at The Well International Member Care Center as pastoral counselors, debriefers and retreat facilitators. They currently live in Colorado (in a cottage in the woods), and travel worldwide coming alongside global workers—listening to their stories and praying for their needs.

Their primary ministry focus is to encourage global workers to enter into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; thereby, helping them to thrive in their personal lives and professional roles.

They serve as Pastoral Counselors, Retreat Facilitators, Personal and Trauma Debriefers, Spiritual Director (Nancy), Members of the BI Interlude Debriefing Retreat Team, Conference Speakers, and a Writer (Terry).


Brenda Welling

Most people know me as Brenda Welling. Many know me as the missionary. A lot of children know me as Miss Welling. Even though I am a single woman, a few individuals of younger generations call me Mom or Grandma. God knows me, in my truest identity, as Daughter, one in whom He delights.

In high school, I felt that God called me to share His love in another country. This led me to pursue a Spanish Education degree at a Christian college, where I also received Biblical studies. A few years later, I joined a missionary crew in the Tijuana area. During those three years at the California border, I met Bess, who soon became my coworker in a church-planting team in Mexico City. Over the span of 28 years, we initiated ministries for children, young people, women, counseling, and Spiritual Direction. In addition, we walked with many new Mexican believers who became followers of Jesus, and some who began to lead others. I admit that when I went to Mexico, I thought that I had a lot to offer to the people there and that God was sending me to make a difference in their lives. As I came away from Mexico, I realized that God sent me there because the Mexican people and culture had much, much more to teach me that I had to give to them. It became clear that God’s plan was to transform my life through this experience in ways beyond my imagination.

Since my return to the U.S. four years ago, I have been working as a Paraprofessional, sharing God’s love with English Language Learners in an elementary school. This position also gives me the opportunity to mentor younger teachers and listen with them to what and where the Spirit is at work in their lives.


Steve and Deborah Wise

After 13 years of ministry together in Cambodia as church planters, Steve and Deborah took a year-long sabbatical to consider what God might have next for them. Through rest, spiritual refreshment, and a significant time of debriefing, they clearly felt the pull to continue investing their lives in others—specifically those in cross-cultural ministry. Acting on that vision they joined Barnabas International in 2014 and began building a ministry in member care. They are currently living in Palmyra, PA, balancing various avenues of ministry—from one-on-one video calls to organizing and facilitating trainings and retreats. They are trained debriefers and certified as life coaches (CRM) and spiritual directors (Sustainable Faith).