Interlude - A Debriefing Retreat for Global Workers

Upcoming Dates

January 2-5, 2019 — Grand Rapids, Michigan
(Registration deadline: December 15. Sign up soon!)

July 23-26, 2019 — Indiana (exact location not finalized)

When a person tells his story and is truly heard and understood, he undergoes actual changes in his brain circuitry that corresponds to a greater sense of emotional and relational connection, decreased anxiety, and greater awareness of and compassion for others’ suffering.

—Curt Thompson, M.D., Anatomy of the Soul

Join us for a four-day debriefing retreat designed especially for global servants engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Interlude is a time to reflect, process, and tell your story to experienced, trained debriefers as well as a small group of your peers. 

What will you do at this retreat?

  • Reflect on relevant life questions in a safe environment
  • Share and process your story with experienced, trained debriefers
  • Participate in debriefing activities with a small group of peers
  • Integrate past challenges and successes into your life story
  • Begin to look toward the next step of your journey

In the mornings, you will participate in a brief devotion related to topics such as Jesus as the master debriefer, surrender and forgiveness, grief and loss, and change. These will be followed by individual and small group activities designed to facilitate the telling of your story.

In the afternoons there will be opportunity for individuals and couples to tell their story to Barnabas staff members who are trained and experienced in helping you process and integrate your ministry story.

Cost and Fees

2019 January Fees: $275 per person or $525 per couple (includes lunch, snacks, and materials). 
Price does not include accommodation or transportation which you will need to arrange separately. Please note we are not offering childcare at this time.

Registration for the January 2019 retreat is now open!

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2019 July Fees: To be finalized.
We are looking at hosting this at a retreat center where all participants would be accommodated on-site.

For more information contact: 
Deborah Wise
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Barnabas Staff Facilitators


Kevin and Kathy Rowe

A metaphor for our ministry would be “servants commissioned to the service of temple repairs.” King Solomon built a temple for God in Jerusalem. However, the people rebelled and stopped worshipping the one true God. God’s presence left the temple, and he allowed their enemies to damage or destroy the temple at different times.

Then King Jesus is sent to restore the temple by his death on the cross. The presence of God returns to the temple. But this time the temple is not a building. The people who follow the king are now the temple. Temple repairs will not be complete until the return of Jesus in the future. God has given Kathy and Kevin the skills and talents to assist in temple repairs.


Terry and Nancy Todd

We believe in the power of story. As we journey alongside global workers, we’ve come to believe that one of their greatest unmet needs is to tell their stories to someone who is safe and who will really listen deeply. We love to help people understand how all of our smaller stories fit into the Lord’s greater story.

God has called us to “love one another deeply, from the heart” (1 Peter 1:22). As a ministry couple, we respond to this call through the gift of “presence” or coming alongside global servants—listening to their stories and praying for their needs. Our primary goal is to encourage those we serve to enter into an intimate relationship with the Father.


James and Jen F.

One of our greatest joys and privileges in life is to sit with global workers as they process the peaks and valleys of life on the field. We ourselves left for overseas service in Quito, Ecuador in 1999 with a 4-mth-old in tow. We added two more kids along the way during our 8 years there. We ourselves experienced many peaks and valleys: raising funds, our struggle with language-learning, cultural adaptations, major health crisis of loved ones at home, but also new relationships, a front-line view of what God was doing in latin america, and a deep sense of purpose.

When God clearly directed us back to the States in 2007 we went through a time of deep disorientation as we tried to recover a sense of purpose and direction in our new context. But God was clearly working in our lives through our involvement in discipleship in our local church. We now have a deep desire and calling to offer that listening ear to global workers who need to be able to share their story.


Darci Nealeigh

Darci’s family moved to Brazil when she was 6, and lived there until she graduated from the local International School. Darci’s transition to life in America was rocky, to say the least, and after many, many moves, she landed in Colorado where she began focusing in on ministry to MKs. She has been working with MKs for 12 years now. Darci has worked with the MK group on the Oklahoma Christian University campus, and trained and taught at Mission Training International with MKs ages 2–22. As of the last two years she has been adjusting to life in Barnabas International where her focus has expanded to serve in more areas of Missionary Kid and family care. Darci loves MKs and feels honored to serve them.


Steve and Deborah Wise

After 13 years of ministry together in Cambodia as church planters, Steve and Deborah took a year-long sabbatical to consider what God might have next for them. Through rest, spiritual refreshment, and a significant time of debriefing, they clearly felt the pull to continue investing their lives in others—specifically those in cross-cultural ministry. Acting on that vision they joined Barnabas International in 2014 and began building a ministry in member care. They are currently living in Winona Lake, Indiana, balancing various avenues of ministry—from one-on-one video calls to organizing and facilitating conferences and retreats. They are also pursuing certification in spiritual direction through Sustainable Faith, Indy.


Tim and Renee Aupperlee

When the Lord called Tim and Renee to China, they thought it was going to be for one year. Almost 20 years and 4 kids later, they smile at the Lord's plans for them. They ended up living in 3 different cities, teaching university students, building relationships, and sharing their true joy within. Tim and Renee both graduated from Calvin College, and then Tim went on to get a master's degree in education. Renee is currently working on a degree from seminary. She loves to write, and regularly contributes to the blog, Velvet Ashes. They delight in good coffee, treasure their friends all over the world, fiercely love their teenage boys, and have no greater passion than to see Jesus known to the ends of the earth and for His sheep to know how deeply they are loved. They joined Barnabas International in 2015.