Upcoming Retreats & Conferences

MK Caregivers Summit 2018

JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
March 13-16, 2018

Come Away, My Beloved

Colorado Springs, CO
March 11 - 16, 2018
CAMB is a five-day spiritual practicum designed for Christian workers involved in full-time ministry. It has three primary areas of focus: Inward, Outward, and Upward.

ELIM Retreat - Adults Only

Green Lake Conference Center, WI
June 10-15, 2018
ELIM Retreat Ministries provide the place and occasion for the spiritual debriefing, spiritual renewal, and pastoral care of the global worker. We believe that strengthened and encouraged Christian workers result in more fruitful and effective Kingdom work.

Interlude Debriefing Retreat

July 24 - 27, 2018
Join us for a four-day debriefing retreat designed especially for global servants engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Interlude is a time to reflect, process, and tell your story to experienced, trained debriefers as well as a small group of your peers.