Tender Care Book

Also available in Russian language.

Through the honest and grace-filled recounting of their own life experiences, seven coworkers from Barnabas International invite you into their practical, candid, and biblical conversation regarding the task of refreshing the hearts and souls of those who carry the good news of God’s love to the nations.

From a big picture perspective to tightly focused detail, they remind us of both the privileges and the pressures of serving Christ across the boundaries of culture.

With warmth, wisdom, and more than a little passion, the Seabrook Seven paint a compelling picture of tender care, drawing from triumphs and lessons learnt in their own provision of pastoral care to cross-cultural workers.

They take you to the place where the Great Commission and the Great Commandment converge. From cosmic struggles to earthly realities, this book will challenge your thinking surrounding all facets of member care, from personal motivation to preparation and expectations.

Aimed at broadening the base of member care through a practical, hands-on approach, Tender Care will provide empowerment and encouragement as you minister to the hearts of God’s scattered servants.


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