PTM Conference

Pastoral at heart, and peer-driven, the PTM Conference is unique among member care conferences. For anyone involved in caring for global workers—whether with a local church, a sending agency, or a member care organization—PTM provides ample opportunities to network, learn, and be encouraged. Committed to caring for caregivers, the PTM Conference exists to develop the shepherding skills and heart of the member care community.

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In an ever-changing world, what does mean to find a solid foundation in the glory of our eternal God? What are the characteristics of a life that is Grounded in Glory? Come explore this theme with us at the next PTM conference!

Please note: This PTM is one week earlier than our usual conference dates.

Randy Gariss
Randy Gariss

Keynote Speaker: Randy Gariss

Our 2021 featured speaker is Randy Gariss, Director of the Life & Ministry Preparation Center at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri.

Randy served as the Senior Minister of College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri, from 1982 to 2015. He has a Master’s Degree from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary. He and his wife, Julie, married in 1976, have 3 grown children, and are now joyfully playing the role of grandparents.


Pre-Conference Sessions

Lauren Wells
Lauren Wells

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A Preventive Approach to TCK Care

This session will explore the reasons a preventive approach to TCK care is critical, how preventive care can be applied in a general context, how organizations can effectively implement preventive care, and how preventive care can be applied specifically to the grief and trauma related to COVID-19. The session will be interactive and will include exercises in art processing and other forms of grief-processing that can be effectively used with Third Culture Kids of all ages.

Bill and Lorraine Foute
Bill & Lorraine Foute
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Trauma Healing in the Midst of Covid

This will be a highly interactive time to find personal encouragement and healing as well as some skills to help others. Our curriculum is called "Healing the Wounds of Trauma, how the church can help." A follow up on line certification process will be offered after PTM which will qualify a participant to use the materials in healing groups. We will also introduce some materials for responding to disasters such as the Covid pandemic. This will include a discussion of how we can relate to God in uncertain times.

Topics include suffering, heart wounds, grief and loss, forgiveness and taking your pain to the cross. Join us as we journey through healing together with our Lord.

Shannon Rants
Shannon Rants, MA, LPC

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LET LOVE LEAD: living the gospel out with our LGBTQI family and friends

Topics discussed: The historical, Biblical meaning and purpose of gender/sexuality; unpacking gender identity; an overview of our *Cycle of Connection; tensions within a relevant cultural context; practical implications of loving our LGBTQI family and friends with grace and truth; and a time for Q&A among us.

Terry & Nancy Todd
Terry & Nancy Todd

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POUSTINIA: a soul-care retreat for member care workers

poustinia I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. (Hosea 2:14)
Come out of chaos of our times and into the poustinia* with the One who calls you His beloved.

Poustinia is a 48-hour interactive soul-care retreat where you will encounter God in silence, solitude and community using scripture, art, music, poetry, and reflection.

Poustinia begins with dinner on Sunday evening, Sept. 26, and ends Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 28. On Tuesday afternoon, you will be invited to share about your experience and brainstorm how “retreat” could be used in various member care settings.

Please note: Registration is limited to 24 participants. There is a $15 materials fee for art supplies and copying.

*Poustinia is a small sparsely furnished cabin where one goes to pray and fast alone in the presence of God. It has its origin in the Russian word for desert.

Intensives and Workshops

Al & Elizabeth Dyck - Developing Member Care for Your Own Organization

Too many global workers are floundering when they could be flourishing in an intimate relationship with the triune God and the journey of participating in His mission. Mission organizations often struggle with the tension of what can seem like competing desires for mission accomplishment and thriving staff. We will explore how to help an organization be intentional about the health and resilience of their staff and leaders. You can help your staff and leaders flourish in the midst of accomplishing your organization’s God-given mission. Join us to discover a process for doing that in your organization.

Denise Beck - A Night with Velvet Ashes

Women make up 70% of cross-cultural workers. At Velvet Ashes, we have found that when women have the space to share their stories; connect to new friends; find encouragement and resources to help them grow in faith and community; they stay longer in the hard places they call home. Their families, teams, and ministries are stronger and more effective. The kingdom grows. Join Denise Beck, Executive Director of Velvet Ashes for a night of stories and resources meant to encourage you and equip you to encourage the women you serve all over the world.

Ellen Livingood - Engage Your Church's Untapped Care Resources

Every local church has God-given gifts for caring for missionaries, but too often we fail to fully engage the congregation in supporting our global workers. In this session, we will unpack the six levels of care that churches can provide for the workers they send to the front lines of ministry, and talk about practical ways to mobilize church members and leaders to care well. We will also consider how a North American church can recognize and help to address the care needs of their national partners.

Herb & Debbie Lamp - Debriefing through Collage: A Different Approach to Sharing Your Story

Collage debriefing taps into the creative and symbolic side of our brains and opens up different, even unconscious avenues of telling our story. It is also a lot of fun. This workshop is designed as a group learning experience that is composed of three hours divided into two parts. In the first part, we will share what a collage debriefing looks like and then we will spend time individually creating a collage from our own stories. After a break, we will gather back together and debrief one another in small groups using our collages to complete the learning experience. Because of spacing needs, participants will be limited to 30.

Herb & Debbie Lamp - Journey With Me: Spiritual Formation for Global Workers

In shepherding your flock, have you ever been at a loss in suggesting a practical way to connect someone in greater intimacy with God? Perhaps you have heard about such practices as Rule of Life, Lectio Divina, or Daily Examen but have not really explored them. Here is your chance to do just that. In this workshop, we will experience several different spiritual practices first-hand taken from Herb's new book, Journey With Me: Spiritual Formation for Global Workers (Wm. Carey Publishers).

John DeKruyter - Dooby Dooby Do

Who am I and what am I doing here? Fundamental questions that have been significantly tested in recent events. How do you help global workers identify their purpose and identity that will not change even when the world is changing around them? This workshop will explore the tension between being and doing and will ultimately help participants be more resilient to challenges in the future.

Josh Beck - Helping Church Leadership Understand Member Care

Sometimes, member care is a weird thing for church leadership. And many church leaders don't see the value. Yet it's such an important part of seeing the Gospel reach seemingly unreachable areas and people. So, how do we help member care to be a priority for local church leadership? How do we keep member care from being something we're always trying to sell to senior leadership and elders? What's the role that the local church's leaders have in member care? Come ready to discuss and wrestle through these questions and more. Think through and bring some of your struggles with member care and church leadership. And just maybe, we can each walk away with a few ideas and next steps that will help forward the mission of God through caring for His workers!

Michael Lodge - Those Unexpected Transitions

We know that transitions are part of missionary life, yet we find ourselves ill-prepared and ill-equipped to navigate major transitions, especially those that are unanticipated and undesired. In this workshop, we'll look at how you can help shepherd others through such transitions. We'll consider the nature of life transitions, help provide a general map of the journey, and identify some tools you can use to help people find their hope in God in these bewildering experiences.

Sonny Guild - Teams: How They Are Changing and How They Are The Same

This session will underscore the theory of team, explore the definitions of the team, analyze the impact of COVID on teams, and highlight the greatest challenges mission teams face. We will introduce a description of a healthy team culture as well as provide resources that will help with the intentional development of a healthy team.

Sonny Guild - Teams: A Path Forward Toward Sustained Team Health

This session will move from theory to practice. How does a team know if it is healthy? A periodic checkup is useful, much like an annual physical benefit our physical health. We will introduce an assessment, PATH (Periodic Assessment of Team Health), that has proven effective in evaluating team health. By identifying strengths and challenges the team engages in a process that helps them maintain healthy relationships and effective ministry. Case studies will be presented as well as testimonials.

Barry Danylak & Suzy Grumelot - Enabling Your Singles & Marrieds to Fully Flourish on Integrated Teams: What Both Theology and Research Data Tell Us

Blending core biblical theology with research-driven data, this workshop provides a new approach to fully value, leverage and empower both singles and marrieds working together cross-culturally. This interactive workshop will provide a fresh perspective on spiritual family and discuss practical implications for ministry teams and mission organizations. This workshop will equip participants to develop answers to these questions through:

  • Understanding the cultural trends on singleness and marriage around the world
  • Presenting a fresh biblical perspective on singleness, marriage, and sexuality
  • Providing research and feedback from missionaries across the globe

Lauren Wells - Caring Intentionally for TCKs

We'll look at possibilities for an effective flow of care for TCKs throughout their lifetime and practical approaches for accomplishing preventive TCK care.

Lauren Wells - Processing COVID-19 with TCKs

We'll explore grief processing models and how to use them to help TCKs process through the grief that has been brought on by COVID-19, specifically. We'll also look at methods for triaging a TCK to determine the level of care needed.

Bob Watson - Collaborative Decision-making: From Conflict Management to Wise Negotiation

When cross-cultural workers are surveyed about threats to their longevity on the field, team conflict is frequently at the top of the list. This workshop focuses on biblical, theological, conceptual, and practical ways to encourage and support individuals and teams to move from destructive to productive conflict. When conflict becomes productive, positive outcomes like collaborative decision making, increased trust, and shared wisdom and growth are real possibilities. This workshop will offer participants both tools for ministry and opportunities for personal growth and reflection on our own ways of handling conflict.

Denise Beck - Can We be Friends: Finding Deep Community While on the Field

"I'm just so lonely" is a common disclosure shared by many women on the field. Friendships for women who serve cross-culturally can be complicated. Learning how to adapt and keep up with the changing friendships they left behind all while gearing their hearts up to make those deep connections in a community that is constantly changing is hard.  Join Denise Beck from Velvet Ashes as she discusses the challenges many global workers face in forming and maintaining deep friendships while serving cross culturally. Learn  about the Father's heart for those relationships and helpful tools to encourage deep connections to grow and continue in unlikely places.

Conference Fees

PTM is held at Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

BOTH PRE- and MAIN CONFERENCE (Sept. 27–Oct. 1)
Shared room—$693
Single, private room—$951
Commuter—$500 per person

PRE-CONFERENCE (Sept. 27–28)
Shared room—$254
Single, private room—$318
Commuter—$200 per person
MAIN CONFERENCE (Sept. 28–Oct. 1)
Shared room—$490
Single, private room—$683
Commuter—$325 per person


Registration Deadline: September 10, 2020.

Cancellation Fees:
$50/person up to September 12
$150/person beginning September 12

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Who attends the PTM Conference?

Anyone with a heart to shepherd cross-cultural workers is invited to attend PTM—whether from a local church, sending agency, member care organization, or other care-giving vocation. Pastors, clinical counselors, on-field workers, teachers, life coaches, organization heads, church members, full-time member care providers—all can benefit from our pastoral approach to training in member care, as well as the encouraging and refreshing atmosphere of the PTM Conference.

What will the COVID-19 Protocols be?

We will be following Ridgecrest Conference Center protocols.

Do you allow participants to stay off-site?

Although we prefer all participants stay on-site to enjoy the community and fellowship provided by the PTM Conference, we do allow people to commute to the conference. All meals are included in the commuter rate in order to foster the peer interactions and networking that are such a valuable part of the PTM Conference.

Do you provide childcare?

While we value children, we do not currently provide childcare.

Can I register when I arrive?

No. In order to enable both the PTM Planning Committee and the Ridgecrest Conference Center to adequately prepare for those attending the conference, all registrations must be received at least two weeks before the conference.

Can I pay when I arrive or do I have to pay when I register? What forms of payment do you accept?

No. Registration and payment for the PTM Conference have been combined into one convenient process. All those registering for the PTM Conference must pay by credit card when they fill out the online registration form. The registration cannot be completed without the final step of the credit card payment.

What costs do the fees cover?

The cost of the Conference covers registration fees, room, meals at the main dining room, and the conference itself. Any extra spending will be completely at your discretion.

The Ridgecrest campus also has an ice cream shop, a coffee shop, and some food you can buy a la carte. Additionally, the Asheville area offers some attractive options for sightseeing, should you wish to do so. You will be responsible for these extra expenditures, and we encourage you to plan accordingly.

Can I bring promotional materials for my organization, or books I have written?

Yes! We welcome exhibitors for a small $25 fee, which covers a 4x4 table space and access to special features in our conference app. The PTM Conference is a great place to introduce others to your work or ministry. To facilitate the sharing of resources between groups and individuals, tables are provided on which to display books, brochures, banners, or other materials. We have also planned a ministry fair/networking evening. Authors are free to sell their books at PTM, although we ask that they be relevant to the member care audience. (Authors are responsible for handling the sale of their own books; PTM organizers will not oversee these transactions.)

What accommodations are made for those with dietary restrictions?

You will have an opportunity to alert us of any dietary restrictions or allergies during the registration process. Most of the meals at the PTM Conference are buffet style, and Ridgecrest offers a variety of options to suit almost any diet, with each entrée clearly marked as gluten free, vegetarian, and/or dairy free.

What amenities does the Ridgecrest Conference Center provide?

Complimentary wifi is available throughout the Ridgecrest Conference Center. In order to encourage reflection and retreat, Ridgecrest does not have televisions in guest rooms. However, televisions are available in select fellowship areas throughout the campus. Guest rooms do offer a wide array of other conveniences, however, such as hair dryers, in-room iron and ironing board, coffee maker, etc. Please click here to see a more complete list of Ridgecrest amenities.

May I arrive early?

You are more than welcome to arrive before the PTM conference starts, but you will be responsible for booking your own lodging. Feel free to check with the Ridgecrest Conference Center to see if they can accommodate your needs. If not, there are many nice hotels in the Black Mountain/Asheville area.

What are the closest airports?

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) — 24 miles
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) — 77 miles
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT) — 101 miles

Do you provide transportation to/from the airport?

We do not, but once you have downloaded the conference app you may reach out to other participants to find ride-sharing options. Otherwise there are a variety of local services available. Please see our transportation page for a list of resources. Also refer to Ridgecrest Conference Center’s very helpful travel page. Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient staffing to arrange travel for participants to and from the conference. But we do wish you safety on the road, and we hope you enjoy the lovely Blue Ridge Mountain scenery!

What are the dates and locations for future PTM Conferences?

September 28–October 1, 2021 at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, NC.
Note: This is one week earlier than usual.

October 3–7, 2022 at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, NC.