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The Uninvited Companion

God's Shaping Us in His Love Through Life's Adversities

by Scott E. Shaum

As paradoxical as it seems, God in his wisdom has designed the human soul to require sufferings of various kinds in the redemptive process. “Why” is a normal human response to such realities. God is gracious to give us, at times some insight into the hard realities of life. Still much mystery abounds as God offers us something more substantial than mere cerebral knowledge. He desires to give himself to us. Thus, “how” is a wiser question to dwell upon. How is God inviting us to walk well with him and others in the midst of life’s pains?

The Uninvited Companion reflects upon the shaping work of a loving Father through life’s hardships. As we allow him to show us how to respond well to him during seasons of adversity, he draws us deeper into his love, life and wisdom. Our sufferings have deep, transformative impact on us. We become carriers of God’s loving presence to others in their adversities.

The Uninvited Companion wrestles with the impact of prolonged personal hardship. Scott has lived with chronic health limitations for a decade. Over this time hard topics of loss, grief, God's mysterious and wise ways in our lives, and his larger purposes have been explored. Along the way, our personal adversities are used to draw us into his love, shape us into wise men and women and that can overflow into the lives of those around us. The church today needs more elders in the faith. Suffering is one of many means God uses to mature such wisdom amongst his people.

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