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Barnabas Intl. staff are passionate about caring for global workers through going, speaking, listening, and giving. We desire each worker to thrive wherever they have been planted.

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Care For Global Workers

Care For Global Workers

We are dedicated to the spiritual and emotional health of workers all over the world through:

How We Care

Org. Resources & Training

Org. Resources & Training

We are passionate about resourcing agencies and training others to care for their global workers more effectively.

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Retreats & Conferences

Retreats & Conferences

Barnabas International organizes and sponsors conferences related to member care all over the world.

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Upcoming Retreats & Conferences

Interlude Debriefing Retreat

July 24 - 27, 2018
Join us for a four-day debriefing retreat designed especially for global servants engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Interlude is a time to reflect, process, and tell your story to experienced, trained debriefers as well as a small group of your peers.

PTM Conference

Ridgecrest Conference Center - Asheville, NC
October 1-5, 2017
In a shockingly intimate invitation, the God of the Universe offers to fill us with the fullness of Who He is and make us one with Him. Seeking to deserve this invitation, which is open only to the undeserving, we strive to flourish on our own. We make fruitfulness our focus and use Him to achieve that goal. But the Father draws us into the delight of an abiding relationship with our Redeemer through the Spirit, which produces fruit as a natural result. Join us as we reorient ourselves to abide in the VIne, both for ourselves and those we seek to shepherd.