Adult Third Culture Kid Retreat

Since 2013 a group of Adult Third Culture Kids have met in the Fall for an annual retreat. The retreat was started to provide a safe space for self-reflection, intentional processing, community formation, connection making, and spiritual and emotional growth and healing. 

The schedule includes session topics that touch on the practicalities of living in the United States in post-university years, as well as blocks of free time for hanging out and enjoying the camp's recreational activities. Past speakers of the retreat have included Ruth E. Van Reken, Michele Phoenix, and Tim Sanford.

The 3-day retreat starts Friday evening at 9:00 p.m. and concludes with lunch on Sunday.

The retreat will be held at a new venue this year, Michindoh Conference Center, in Hillsdale, Michigan. We have appreciated the years at Bair Lake Bible Camp and the many memories made there.

Registration for the 2022 Fall Retreat is now open with an Early Bird Discount. Information about the retreat will be emailed as well as posted on the Facebook group entitled "Adult Third Culture Kids (Midwest Retreat & More)."

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“This retreat was such a refreshing time. I almost didn't come but am so glad that I did.”

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