April 2021

Taking a walk with Jesus

If you had the chance to meet anyone in the world, joining them for a long walk along a sanded path, who might that be? What if you could sit down with them to share a favorite meal, spending the entire time in deep, genuine conversation? What would you ask them? Would you bring a list of questions? Would you take pictures to share? Would you invite anyone else to join you? Would it be someone that is living today? What if it could be anyone… past or present? Who would you choose and why? This is exactly the opportunity two Christ-followers had on their way from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus, a story found in Luke 24:13-35.

Jesus had recently been crucified and these folks were pondering what had just taken place. Their spirits were low. They felt they had lost their beloved Master, plus I’m guessing they were in shock and filled with grief.

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The only problem here is that these followers did not recognize Jesus. Can you imagine that? Being on a walk, Jesus comes up from behind to join you and you have no idea who He is… just a stranger to you!

If you read the story, you will see that Jesus engages them by asking questions, something He often did. He draws them out, giving them an opportunity to review the past weeks and in doing so assesses their belief system. He then takes the time to unpack “all the Scripture concerning himself”. They were so taken by this conversation that they asked Jesus to “stay with us”. Jesus accepts their invitation and while sitting at the table He breaks bread with them. It was at that point, “their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.” Jesus finally reveals His presence.

As I reflect on this amazing story in Luke, I’m struck once again at how much this mirrors the ministry of Barnabas International. Our focus in ministry is to those who have believed and placed their trust in Christ. We shepherd global workers on the front lines of cross-cultural ministry. We seek to “walk alongside” them, opening the Word, asking questions, exploring their core beliefs… many times in the midst of disappointment and discouragement. Often, we find ourselves sitting around a table, breaking bread together. The Lord will open their eyes and we have this amazing opportunity to encourage them in their faith journey.

So… how about you this day? If you had the chance to take a walk with Jesus, what questions might you ask Him and what questions might He ask you? Remember… we serve “A Risen Savior”!

Serving together,
Perry Bradford,

Executive Director

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