Encouragement Letters

Be encouraged with this treasury of letters written monthly from 1986 to July 2017 by Lareau Lindquist, founder of Barnabas International. He writes out of a rich experience of life, ministry, and caring for missionaries, bringing biblical truth to encourage your heart. This archive will be expanded periodically as past ENCOURAGEMENT letters are posted.

Good morning, Friend, This month celebrates the eighteenth anniversary of my "near-death" automobile crash on January 22, 1999. A few days ago, a cluster of about twenty-five friends spent a couple hours together looking back on that event. Rita was with us that night. A few weeks after the crash, she wrote a manuscript entitled "Providence." She was at the scene of the crash and carefully wrote the details she observed, including people (the onlookers, the police, the medical workers, Kristin, and others). I have a complete copy of the manuscript. It’s a well-written piece. I’d like to share it…
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