ELIM Retreats

ELIM Retreats, as a ministry of Barnabas International, is devoted to shepherding the hearts of global workers. ELIM offers six day retreats for global workers and their families for rest, reflection, recovery and renewal.

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2017 Dates and Locations

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Covenant Harbor Resort

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

September 17-22, 2017 (Adults only)
Cost: $260/person



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Eagle Center House

Eagle, Wisconsin

November 5-10 (Adults only)
Cost: $200/person


About ELIM Retreats

stewartsHenry & Diane Stewart have been staff members of Barnabas International since 1999. As a result of 40 years of local church pastoral ministry and ministry to Global Workers, God called them to begin a retreat ministry to shepherd the hearts of Christian leaders. ELIM Retreats welcome any Global Worker and use that term broadly: Cross-cultural workers sent over seas from the States; State-side pastors; national pastors and missionaries ; denominational and agency leadership.

One key theme is explored in each ELIM retreat: "Finding Christ’s Rest in the Midst of Stress".

Some of our core values include:

  • Creating safe, beautiful and private atmospheres where Christian workers can truly be "off"
  • Low key but intentional times of study, worship, reflection and pastoral care
  • Open and unscheduled time
  • Equipping local church teams to be the platform of ELIM’s ministry to Global Workers

Contact Information 

Phone: 262-751-5319
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.